We Believe in Principal Over Profit

for the Betterment of

Customer Service

By having to have word of mouth referrals, we must do a great job every time! We are one of the busiest shops around and the only non D.R.P. shop around. Your families safety is in our hands, your vehicle must perform like it came from the factory should there be another accident, we will not lower our standards or our integrity for anyone or any company to save time or to save money! Our customers get the savings and benefits, by keeping our shop a referral only shop, we do not have the “push through” over scheduled stress of an multi insurance contracted shop, so by keeping overhead and production low you save and get the parts, and the job done your vehicle deserves.


This means we could pack the shop with Direct Repair Programs from the insurance companies, which means referrals from the insurance companies that are not even in our town and know nothing about us. However we believe that Body Shops do not always do the right thing by their customer in letting the insurance companies come in and delegate what they will do with the vehicle, in our experience with a few insurance company’s (not all) their best interest seems to be saving money, not what is best for the vehicles factory warranty or the family’s safety. One of our positive training principals is to carry your expectations to each technician who is working on your vehicle, and challenge them to do better than the standard.


The community is how we make a living and feel it is our duty as well as our honor to give back  as much a s we can. We are proud to support local community outreaches.  Our staff is also one of the highest paid in the industry. As owners we believe that if they are successful we will be successful together! We use positive training principals, goal setting and believe that investing in the best people not just the best equipment. We are a family here at Body Works and believe that if they are working together helping one another and are able to have pride in themselves as well as their business  your vehicle will be treated as though they are putting their kids in it! 

Body Works Collision Center is Proud to Give Back.

We believe by practicing principal over profit we can continue to make this community a great place to live, by supporting those who work with young children, to provide skills and necessities to become future leaders, their are many examples in this community and its proven time and time again, that it takes a village to insure our youth be successful part of this wonderful community!  It’s A win win for everyone!

We invite you to join us in support of….

  • Boys and Girls Clubs of South West County

  • S.A.F.E Alternatives

  • Our local Rotary Clubs

  • S.M.U.R.F

  • Precious Little Butterflies

Please contact us if you are interest in partnering with us and or donating your time, treasures, or talents. A little bit can make a big difference! If you own a business and are interested in trading “in kind service” for our donation program contact Alicia Albin 951-837-3338