To Keep Your Family Safe And Protect Your Investment…

Get the Facts

Be Prepared… In case of an accident, we here at Body Works Collision Center have been in this business a very long time, it is our experience that the better informed our customers are the less stressful their circumstance will be. Our number one customer service objective is to keep you “in the know” starting with being prepared in case of an accident, our Collision Survival Guide will help you with this, be our guest and down load this guide for your glove box. In it is information on what to do if you are involved in a collision, reliable people to call for help, and tools for you to gather the necessary information needed for your insurance company.
Call your Insurance… Your agent and or insurance company should “be there” for you! Don’t be afraid to call and ask questions, you may call your insurance company and ask questions without starting a claim this is where your insurance agent comes in handy as well, they can answer most questions, like ,”do I have rental coverage,” “what’s my deductible”?


Get your Vehicle to the Right Repair Shop… The consumer has the right to Choose Under California code 758.5 an insurance company cannot require that an automobile be repaired at a specific repair shop. All though you have the right to get as many or any estimates you’d like in order to make an informed decision. If the vehicle is repaired in a shop chosen by the consumer, then the insurance company must pay the reasonable costs to repair the vehicle in a workmanlike manner. The insurance company is prohibited from limiting or discounting reasonable repair cost based on charges that would have occurred if the vehicle has been repaired at the insurance company recommended repair shop. Some insurance companies may want you to visit their drive-in claims center, or send an adjuster out to your location to assess the damage, before you take it to a body shop, make it convenient for you. Read the “Untruths Guide” and make a informed decision.  Body Works Collision Center works very closely with the adjusters in our area and have formed awesome working relationships with them to insure your vehicle will be done, swiftly with quality and integrity. Once the insurance Adjuster and the body shop agree upon the repairs, necessary parts can be ordered and the repair process can begin.
Never drive a car that could be unsafe… Body Works will gladly arrange for you car to be towed to our facility, or please feel free to use our reliable tow service.
Differences In Repair Cost Are Common… A lower estimate may not include the necessary work or new factory parts. Body Shop estimates have a tone of information and in most cases different variables for specific cases. The body shop estimator or service manager should discuss, explain and go over the estimate with you, we have provided a glossary of estimate and body shop terms for your information. Don’t forget here at Body Works Collision Center our number one customer service objective is to keep you well informed our service manager will answers all your question and tell you everything there is to know about what will happen with your vehicle, and provide you with a hard copy of the estimate free of charge.
Chose a Certified Repair Shop… Choose a repair center that has advanced equipment and certified by I-CAR and ASE. Body Works Collision Center has made major investments in state – of – the – art equipment. We challenge our standards with continued education the latest up to date certification and positive principles to ensure our staff has what it takes
“Demand The Leader”… Choose a shop that has the best interest for you and your family’s safety this means choose a body shop that will not sacrifice the integrity of your vehicle with unsafe repair or parts choices. This is the number one priority at Body Works bar none! Your family’s safety is in our hands, your vehicle must perform like it came from the factory should there be another accident, we will not lower our standards or our integrity for anyone or any company to save time or to save money! 
We we challenge  “Industry Standards”… By going above and beyond what is considered normal by today’s standards and set the lead in quality and service. We believe in principal over profit for the betterment of customers service, industry, and community!
Your vehicle is the second biggest investment you’ll make, a repair shop is not required by law to guarantee or warranty their work. Body Works is proud to back up our quality and service by providing each of our valued customers with a written lifetime warranty on all workmanship for as long as the customer owns the vehicle.
Drop Off… If you need a rental car, your Body Works Service Managers will be happy to make the necessary arrangements for you. Insurance companies will only pay for a rental car if you have “rental” option on your policy, OR IF YOU ARE THE CLAIMANT. (the person NOT at fault). If you are not sure if you have rental coverage on your policy or what your limitations are, you can call your insurance agent or the insurance 800- number. If you are paying “out of pocket” Body Works has made it possible for you to receive a special ”Body Works Rate ” on any economy vehicles through Hertz Rental Car service.
Know The Repair Process and What To ExpectBody Works wants to keep you informed . The average repair time for a vehicle is one week per one thousand dollars worth of damage. A quality repair job involves many steps and processes along the way, see our repair process guide. Body Works Service Managers will provide educated information and answers to your questions with updates every step of the way.
After-Market Parts… On an auto repair estimate is most likely written by your insurance company this means the replacement of damaged parts with after-market parts. After-market parts are not made by the original manufacture. they may be equal, better or worse in quality than the original equipment manufactures parts. . California insurance regulations place specific requirements on insurance companies when recommending that a consumer have the damaged vehicle repaired using after – market parts. in section 2695.8(g) of the fair claims settlement practices regulations.
Please know that using new factory parts safeguards your vehicle’s limited factory warranties with your dealership.